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Year: 2001
USA: Excel Entertainment
Cast: Richard Dutcher, Wilford Brimley, Matthew A Brown, Carrie Morgan, Jamie Taylor, Frank Gerrish
Director: Richard Dutcher
Country: USA
USA: 90 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for violence and thematic material
USA Release Date: 6 April 2001 (Limited Release)


Sheriff Wes Clayton (Richard Dutcher) is also a Mormon bishop in a picturesque little burg called Brigham. With his young deputy, Terry (Matthew A Brown), and his secretary, Peg (Carrie Morgan), he keeps the sleepy town pretty much in line, both as a lawman and a spiritual leader.

Not much happens in Brigham; church on Sundays, plenty of work during the week. The days pass quietly in this place that the locals call "paradise." But things are changing: the state of Utah is growing, and all the roads from Salt Lake City to Brigham are torn apart. Real estate and construction are booming. Out-of-towners are moving in. Brigham even has it's own 24-hour convenience store.

On a routine pass through town, Wes discovers the body of a young woman from California, murdered and left near her car. Brigham's peace is shattered. Wes tries desperately to keep the horrible crime a secret from his once tranquil town, but he is forced to ask the inevitable question: "Could the murderer be one of us?"

For the first time, townspeople start to lock their doors and windows at night. Friends and family become suspects. As the sheriff, Wes must turn suspicion into trust. As the bishop, he must make fear into faith. Wes is left to draw upon every resource within himself and his frightened town to solve the awful crime and find the murderer before it's too late.

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