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Year: 2001
USA: Paramount Classics
Cast: Sarah Wynter, Gordon Catlin, Vincent Perez, Jonathan Pryce, Marion Rottenhofer, August Schmölzer, Dagmar Schwarz, Gregor Seberg, Johannes Silberschneider, Simon Verhoeven
Director: Bruce Beresford
Country: USA
USA Release Date: 8 June 2001 (Limited Release)


Directed by Bruce Beresford, BRIDE OF THE WIND is based on a true story and is the romantic portrait of an extraordinary woman who inspired, bedevilled and captivated the artistic geniuses of her age.

Surrounded by the visual riches and musical power of turn-of-the-century Vienna, the beautiful Alma Mahler (Sarah Wynter) becomes lover and muse. First to the great composer/conductor Gustav Mahler (Jonathan Pryce), then brilliant architect Walter Gropius, rebel artist Oskar Kokoschka (Vincent Perez) and eventually to novelist Franz Werfel. Each man sees in her a source of inspiration, but her searching heart only finds peace when her own music is performed.

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