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Year: 2004
UK: Entertainment Film Distributors
Cast (voices of): Patrick Stewart, Emily Watson, Glenn Wrage, Alan Mariot, Bob Saker, Lorelei King, Kate Robbins, John Guerrasio, Red Pepper, John Schwab, Stephen Lander, Claudia Lossl, Dimitri Kyrianos, Dan Russell
Directors: Lenard Fritz Krawinkel; Holger Tappe
Countries: Germany / Spain / UK
UK: 91 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild fantasy violence and peril
UK Release Date: 15 October 2004 (Limited Release - London)

(in German)


Since there creation and television debut Boo, a brilliant inventor of gadget's, and Zino, a not too bright but shining hero, have been battling three snurks called Galger, Zek and Bramph in their very own cartoon, The Adventures of Boo and Zino, set in the fantasy world of Gaya.

But success creates jealousy, and raving mad scientist Professor N Icely, whose own series was replaced by their show, wants revenge. Using his Phantasto-Transomatic-Machine he transfers Gaya's magical energy crystal, the Dalamite, into our dimension.

This is the snurks chance to become the heroes they always wanted to be. Grabbing the opportunity along with the crystal, they get sucked into the professor's energy vortex and spat out into our world. Without the crystal Gaya will die; so the realms regular heroes Boo and Zino, along with obstinate Daddy's girl, Alanta, embark on a quest to recover it and save their world. They follow the snurks through the energy vortex.

Now both sets of heroes must come together and battle through an unknown and dangerous world whilst their homeland disappears before their eyes. They believe the only hope is their creator Albert Drollinger; but on arriving at the animator's studio the snurks, Alanta, the Dalamite and Albert himself are all kidnapped by the evil N Icely.

Now the whole of Gaya has just two saviours - Boo and Zino.

Our two intrepid heroes track their friends and the crystal to the professor's sinister lab. Setting everyone free and rescuing the Dalamite from N Icely's evil clutches they have almost saved the day until they meet the professor's robot Yakatoshi 3000.

But nothing can match the combined forces of Gaya....

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