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Year: 2003
UK: Pathe Distribution
Director: Simon Pummell
Music: Jonny Greenwood
Country: UK
UK: 83 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains brief strong sexual images
UK Release Date: 5 December 2003


This is a story of love sex, violence, death and dreams.
It is a true story, a story that touches every one of our lives.
BODYSONG is the story of all our lives. The film tells an emotionally compelling tale - as unique as it is universal.

BODYSONG is a panoramic view of the experience of being human, from the microscopic elements of our very flesh and blood to the challenge of trying to understand ourselves as a fragment of the universe. A story told through every conceivable kind of moving image recorded in the last 100 years.

The epic soundtrack is created by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead - Radiohead's albums have realised phenomenal success, going multi-platinum around the world.

The personal connection of each of us to the BODYSONG story is what makes it so compelling. BODYSONG's all-encompassing website uses cutting edge design to allow each viewer to explore the film's story in a unique way.

Our body is responsible for everything we see and hear, every moment of pain or pleasure that we feel, every emotion, every thought and every memory.

Every microscopic change in our bodies is mirrored on a larger scale somewhere in human life. While we watch a baby's hand grow and move in the womb, the microcosm is intercut with the macrocosm and we can see how tiny miracles reflect natural rhythms.

Key moments of growing up, that define our individual lives in all cultures, are celebrated. Moments that reflect our collective humanity - initiation into the tribe, puberty and then initiation into adulthood. As our bodies flower and grow, we move nearer and nearer to the birth of sexuality and the end of the first part of our lives - our innocence. BODYSONG captures sexual display, attraction and finally sex itself in all its variety, all around the world, over a hundred years of filming.

When sexuality blurs into pornography, violence and aggression, we encounter the darker side of human life. Using some shocking and disturbing material, BODYSONG transports us through images of aggression, multiplying and growing in extremity and scale, moving from individual hostility to acts of mass destruction.

We encounter darkness and death. But the world does not end, what follows is rebirth. The film celebrates language, communication, art, dance and the collective struggle for justice as part of what makes us human.
The film ends on a note of hope as the cycle starts over again.

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