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Year: 2007
UK: Axiom Films
Cast: Cecilia Suarez, Enrique Arreola, Ana Ofelia Murguia, Tiare Scanda, Luisa Huertas, Laura De Ita, Emma Dib, Mariana Gimenez, Juan Rios, Andres Montiel, Laura Padilla
Director: Ernesto Contreras
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
UK: 98 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sex
UK Release Date: 8 May 2009 (Limited Release)



Marina Farfan (Cecilia Suarez) can't believe her good luck when she wins a holiday for two to a Mexican beach resort, but then finds she's in a dilemma as she doesn't know who she could possibly invite along. When she accidentally bumps into an old school pal, Victor Mina (Enrique Arreola), she barely remembers him, but seizes the opportunity and asks him to go away with her...

Debut award winning drama/comedy feature of Mexican filmmaker Ernesto Contreras, as two relative strangers are drawn together and realise they might be falling in love.

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