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Year: 2004
UK: Guerilla Films
Cast: Anders W Berthelsen, Samantha Bond, Phyllida Law, Jodhi May, Peter Mullan
Director: Eleanor Yule
Country: UK
UK: 90 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex and moderate violence
UK Release Date: 30 September 2005 (Limited Release - London, Edinburgh and Glasgow)


Running from a dark secret, Danish backpacker Mike Hammershoi (Anders W Berthelsen) arrives at Black's estate in the Scottish borders, looking for work.

He encounters blind owner Francis Black (Peter Mullan) and his elderly mother Bella (Phyllida Law), who are living there in a shuttered, decaying mansion. Francis reluctantly offers the traveller a low-paid job in the yard. But, put off by the unsettling atmosphere, Mike declines the offer. However, as he turns to go, he meets Rachel (Jodhi May), Francis's enigmatic young wife, and decides to stay.

Mike starts work on the farm and soon comes to realise that Francis exerts a fearsome power over Rachel. Emotionally suffocated by her husband, the young woman is increasingly drawn to Mike. They become lovers. But as their attraction increases, so too does Francis's jealousy and rage. He orders Mike to leave. Devastated by the threat of her lover's departure, Rachel is forced to make a difficult decision. As tension mounts, the three are pulled together in a tryst that will have dark consequences for them all...

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