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Year: 2003
USA: Arenaplex
UK: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Shawn Barron, Layne Beachley, Ken Bradshaw, Ken Collins, Brad Gerlach, Brian L Keaulana, Mike Parsons, Bill Sharp, Darryl Virostko
Director: Philip Boston
Country: USA
USA: 88 mins
UK: 87 mins
USA Rated: PG for thematic elements, some nudity and language
UK Certificate: PG contains mild language and brief nudity
USA Release Date: 7 November 2003 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 15 October 2004 (Limited Release - London)


In addition to boasting one of the most astonishing opening sequences in the history of extreme-sports filmmaking, BILLABONG ODYSSEY offers a breathtaking survey of big-wave surfing. This three-year, globetrotting quest for the world's biggest waves is nothing less than spectacular. BILLABONG is unrivalled in its abundance of jaw-dropping footage showing the sheer, terrifying scale of breaking waves -some reaching 100 feet- at the most challenging surf locations on the planet.

The film focuses on the climactic "Jaws" showdown between Carlos Burle and Mike Parsons, BILLABONG ODYSSEY achieves a state of raw power and spiritual intensity, culminating in Parsons' best-ever 10-point ride on a massive tube that constantly threatens to consume him. For surfers and non-surfers alike, this movie must be seen to be believed.

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