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Year: 2010
UK DVD: E1 Entertainment
Cast: Vincent Regan, Michael Madsen, Leo Gregory, Robert Fucilla, Steven Berkoff, Paul Kaye, Beatrice Rosen, MC Harvey, Philip Davis, Terry Stone
Director: Nic Auerbach
Country: UK
UK: 107 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language and strong violence
UK DVD Release Date: 12 April 2010


Starring Michael Madsen, and featuring a host of British talent including Stephen Berkoff, Vincent Regan, Leo Gregory, Robert Fucilla and the stunning Beatrice Rosen this is one gritty gangster thriller not to be missed.

Small time crook Mickey Skinner (Leo Gregory, Cass) is unwittingly catapulted into the big league, when the getaway car he steals has infamous gang leader Barber (Vincent Regan, 300) captive in the boot.

Threatened by Barber and out of his depth, Skinner must make a choice. Become one of them or be killed.

The gang are poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal and after being framed by one of his own, Barber can trust no-one. Can Skinner step up to the challenge and become THE BIG I AM?

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