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Year: 2008
USA: Magnolia Pictures
Cast: Mike 'Mad' Bell, Mark 'Smelly' Bell, Rosemary Bell, Sheldon Bell, Dr Charles Yesalis, Dr Norm Fost, Dr Harrison Pope, Dr Gary Wadler, Dr Carlon Colker, Dr Wade Exum, Rick Collins, Scott Reid, Gene Haislip, Rehan Jalali, Ben Johnson, Floyd Landis, Carl Lewis, Barry Bonds, Louis Simmons, Westside Barbell, Dick 'Smitty' Smith, Gregg Valentino, Christian Boeving, John Romano, Jack Owoc, Paul Sullivan, Lauren Powers, Bee Smith, Donald Hooton, Jeff Taylor
Director: Christopher Bell
Country: USA
USA: 106 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for thematic material involving drugs, language, some sexual content and violent images
USA Release Date: 30 May 2008 (Limited Release - New York and Los Angeles)


In America, we define ourselves in the superlative: we are the biggest, strongest, fastest country in the world. We reward speed, size and above all else: winning - at sport, at business and at war. Metaphorically we are a nation on steroids. Is it any wonder that so many of our heroes are on performance enhancing drugs?

From the producers of BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and FAHRENHEIT 9/11 comes a new film that unflinchingly explores our win-at-all-cost culture through the lens of a personal journey. Blending comedy and pathos, BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER* is a collision of pop culture and first-person narrative, with a diverse cast including US Congressmen, professional athletes, medical experts and everyday gym rats.

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