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Year: 2002
USA: Artistic License Films
Cast: Jim Chiros, Susan Gibney, Liam Waite, Holly Angell Hardman, Amy Wright, Cole Murray, Gary Ray, Dawn Lolos, John Doman, Kirby Mitchell, Richard Cox, Marni Lustig, Diane McBain, Fatmir Haskaj, Raymond Michael Karl
Director: Holly Hardman
Country: USA
USA: 92 mins
USA Release Date: 1 November 2002 (Limited Release)


Holly (Holly Hardman), a 21st century sorceress arrives in a Cape Cod fishing village for her summer holiday, with the intention of putting her magical powers to good use, creating love matches for the town's lost souls. However, beneath the town's postcard-pretty surface, she soon discovers a world of aching hearts and broken dreams. The curmudgeonly, but charming town drunk, Shep (Jim Chiros) pines for Vicky (Susan Gibney), the tough, but tender woman who runs a lobster boat. Vicky, in turn, lusts after her golden boy summer hire, Damien (Liam Waite), who seems more interested in chasing after pretty coeds.

The capricious Holly sets up a magical game of matchmaking by the shore, and, with the help of her apprentice, Nicole (Cole Murray) and town locals, including an impish herbalist Mona, (Amy Wright), she manipulates the lives of the lovelorn. Not surprisingly, the film's game of enchantment is fraught with complications and unforeseen challenges as it collides with the chaotic nature of misguided love.

BESOTTED is a romantic, modern-day fairy tale set in a picturesque New England fishing village. First-time director and writer Holly Angell Hardman joins an impressive ensemble cast that includes Amy Wright (JOE, THE KING; THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST; BREAKING AWAY), Liam Waite (SIMPATICO; THE DAY OCTOBER DIED), Susan Gibney (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION; CABIN BY THE LAKE), Jim Chiros (THE PROPOSITION), and Richard Cox (LOOKING FOR RICHARD, CHINESE COFFEE).

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