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Year: 1997
Cast: Johanna Sallstrom, Tove Appelqvist, Mikael Persbrandt, Jens Hulten, Elisabeth von Gerber, Lennart Jahkel, Per Ragnar, Liam Norberg, Roxane von Gerber, Jenny Johansson, Goran Forsmark, Claes Ljungmar, Saga Sjoberg, Gustav Levin, Pia Bergendahl
Director: Daniel Fridell
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish (English subtitles)
USA: 104 mins
USA Release Date: 18 August 2000 (Limited Release)


BENEATH THE SURFACE details the story of Sandra Lundgren (Johanna Sallstrom), a 23 year-old drug addict coerced into prostitution to earn money for her drugs by Roffe (Mikael Persbrandt) her dealer. The shock of nearly dying from an overdose gives Sandra the strength to seek help from a drug rehabilitation clinic.

However Roffe now turns his attentions to her sister Jannika (Tove Appelqvist). It's not long before he seduces Jannika, introduces her to drugs and as with her sister the resulting domination of his power leads her to becoming a prostitute.

News of this reaches Sandra in the rehabilitation clinic and she feels desperately compelled to save her sister, Jannika, and must run away from the clinic in order to help her.

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