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Year: 2010
UK: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Katie Lowes, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Brendan Michael Coughlin, Patrick Scott Lewis, Bill Rampley
Director: John Rebel
Country: USA
UK: 78 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and sex references
UK Release Date: 4 June 2010 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 28 June 2010


"Dare to go down to the woods today?"

An idyllic trip into bear country turns into a nightmare for two brothers, Nick (Brendan Michael Coughlin) and Sam (Patrick Scott Lewis) and their partners, Chistine (Katie Lowes) and Liz (Mary Alexandra Stiefvater). Travelling in a mini-van one of the tires suddenly bursts on a mountain road and attracts the attentions of one of the inhabiting Grizzly population.

Defiantly one of the brothers, Wall Street hotshot Sam, pulls out a gun and kills the curious creature.

Big mistake!

As the group head on into the woods, the bear's mate, a ferocious eight-foot-tall Grizzly, arrives on the scene and attacks. As they battle against the surprisingly cunning and intelligent beast, secrets between the brothers and their own mates begin to emerge.

Trapped inside their van, fighting for their lives, the group must use their wits and every last drop of survival instinct they have to survive and escape a fierce showdown with the claws of death!

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