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Year: 1966
USA: Rialto Pictures
Cast: Anne Wiazemsky, François Lafarge, Philippe Asselin, Nathalie Joyaut, Walter Green, Jean-Claude Guilbert, Pierre Klossowski, François Sullerot, Marie-Claire Fremont, Jean Remignard, Jean-Joël Barbier, Rene Bazart, Guy Brejac, Isabelle de Winter, Roger Fjellstrom, Henri Fraisse, Sven Frostenson, Dominique Mounc, Tord Paag, Jose Ruiz Pernias, Isabelle Petit, Guy Renault, Gilles Sandier, Pascale Savornin, Jacques Sorbets, Mylene Weyergans
Director: Robert Bresson
Countries: France / Sweden
Language: French (English subtitles)
USA: 95 mins
USA Release Date: 17 October 2003 (Limited Re-release - New York)
US Distributor


A little donkey is suckled by its mother, then baptized 'Balthazar', and a girl and boy say goodbye at the end of summer - a vision of paradise. Years pass and the now-teenaged Marie (Anne Wiazemsky) finds herself drifting into more and more destructive situations, including involvement with a local juvenile delinquent while Balthazar moves from owner to owner, some relatively kind, some cruel, some drunkenly careless.

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