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Year: 2005
USA: Tartan Films
Cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Jeong Jun-ho, Kang Shin-il, Park Geun-hyeong, Byeon Hie-bong,
Director: Kang Woo-Suk
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean (English subtitles)
UK: 148 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains moderate violence and strong language
UK Release Date: 14 October 2005 (Limited Release -wider)
UK Release Date: 30 September 2005 (Limited Release - London)


Things start to heat up considerably in this highly successful sequel when ace legal eagle Kang Chul-jung (Sol Kyung-gu) takes on the case of Han Sang-woo (Jeong Jun-ho), a former high school classmate and the future chairman of the Myung-Sun Foundation.

Despite his innocent facade, Kang's old friend looks to be guilty of bribery, embezzlement, and even murder! But with Han always one step ahead of Kang, what can our hero do to bring this white collar "public enemy" to justice?

Find out in director Kang Woo-Suk's provocative look at the illicit relationship between big business and Korea's shadowy underworld!

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