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Year: 2002
USA: Vitagraph Films
Cast: Mic Tomasi, Shant Benjamin, Sophie Chahinian, Greg Satamian, Ioannis Bogris, Joe El Rady, Anahid Shahrik, Rich Adams, Ken Ezra, John Arsen, Paul Lekakis, Adrian Ursu
Director: Vahe Babaian
USA: 87 mins
USA Release Date: 14 May 2004 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


Michael Abcarian (Mic Tomasi) is a young Armenian now living in Glendale, California. He increasingly feels he should take on more responsibility as his father, Leon (Greg Satamian) has sacrificed everything to get his family to America. Leon, in his late 50s, has just lost his wife and is confronted with his own survival issues. If he could get a job this would lessen his own feelings of guilt about being a burden to his son. Ultimately AFTER FREEDOM follows Michael's struggle as he tries to adjust to his new life, an outsider feeling the pressure of trying to 'fit in'.

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