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7 DiAS aka 7 DAYS

Year: 2005
USA: Televisa
Cast: Eduardo Arroyuelo, Martha Higareda, Jaime Camil, Julio Bracho, Roberto D'Amico, Dino Garcia, Pamela Trueba, Alex Hank, Jose Sefami, Beto Cuevas, Sofia Vergara, Lumi Cavazos, Harry Porter, Juan Alanis, Luis Vazquez, Jorge de la Garza, Isaura Espinosa, Salvador De La Fuente, Jaime Camil Garza, Vanessa Ciangherotti, Javier Ocampo, Debbie Christiansen, David West, Sandra Silva, Leonor Gonzalez, Sandra Arizpe, Leo Villarreal, Dario Ripoll, Victor Manuel Beltran, Alvaro Rodriguez, Francisco Nunez, Federico Santos, Israel Cohen, Alfonso Villarreal, Jaime Aleman, Raul Juarez, Cristian Frutos, Alejandro Islas, Roberto Antonio Rodriguez, Violeta De La Paz, Pedro Frugone, Mauricio Claveria, Jesus Arellano, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, German Arredondo, Juan Jose Origel, Veronica Gallardo, Flor Rubio, Maribel Castaneda, Luis Madaira, Vanessa Gonzalez, Jesus Guerra, Bernardo Bichara, Jesus Gracia, Enrique Bermudez, Mario Castillejos, Jazmin T, Andrea Rivelli, Macarena Sanfilippo, Maria Concepcion Campos, Grupo Qiu
Director: Fernando Kalife
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
USA: 95 mins
USA Release Date: 23 September 2005 (Limited Release)


Claudio Caballero (29) is a young guy born in the seventies. Like many others, he feels frustrated by life and depressed about his unfulfilled existence. He knows that he should be doing something more -something bigger and better with his life.

Claudio, a music promoter, lives in the shadow of his late older brother (Federico) and the enormous success Federico and his three partners - today in their 40s - once had: Moro (who is still living in the 70s), Virgilio Garza (now retired) and the flashy Pepe Cobo, who with a knack for business and considerable brown nose techniques has become the hottest promoter in town. Claudio wants to follow in his brother's footsteps. His grandiose dream is to bring none other than U2 to Monterrey.

Claudio is not ready to give up this dream, and in the absence of an investor willing to speculate on his success, he convinces his beautiful girlfriend Gloria (23) to lend him, for a half-hour only, the 500,000 dollars he needs to place his own wild bet. He then goes to mob boss Zamacona's (67) casino to gamble all-or-nothing that his home team will win the soccer championship final. Claudio shows the mobsters the money and places his bet. Afterwards, he smuggles the money out through a small window in the men's bathroom where Gloria waits. She takes the money and returns it to her parents' bank account, leaving Claudio empty-handed in the casino when the game is over and his team, the Rayados del Monterrey, loses.

Defeated and held at gunpoint by old man Zamacona, who stares angrily at a briefcase that used to hold half a million bucks, Claudio can only sigh as he says goodbye to his life's dream: a U2 concert in Monterrey.

One of the mobsters hears him mumbling about U2. "What did you say?" The interviewer is Tony (29), the son of mob boss Zamacona, who can't hide his fanatic passion for the band. The idea of seeing them in concert in his own city drives him crazy; consequently, Tony convinces his father to give Claudio a seven-day grace period to organize the concert - and pay the money back. Claudio, after a brief moment of crisis, decides that it is better to attempt what seems impossible - even if he dies trying. It is at this moment that Claudio's pilgrimage begins, and with Tony's help, he will fight to get the economic means to not only bring U2 to Monterrey, but to also save his life.

Shot on location in Monterrey, Mexico, Mina, Mexico and Mexico City.

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