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Year: 2009
UK: Vertigo Films
Cast: Dylan Duffus, Orhan Whyte, Yohance Watson, Tobias Duncan, Tosh Dennis, Joel Eccleston, Micah McQueen, Malik, Justice, Lady L, Natasha Holness, 4th Lord, Fiasqo, Mekel Simpson, INS, Euro, Phillip Twin Pz Sawyers, Peter Twin Pz Sawyers, Monica Ffrench, Carol Chambers, Rianna Aldred, Karime Farrell, Bishop Derek Webley, Shantelle Reece, Aaron Hamilton, Nathaniel Jackson, Deborah Harrison, Ryan Butler, Khallum McKinnley-Reid, Jermaine Holness, Romano Morgan, Rico Simpson, La-Tia Reece, Malakai O' Garro, Yaris Simpson, Tylah Simpson, Ty-Quwan Harris, Klyrae Campbell
Director: Penny Woolcock
Country: UK
UK: 101 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and violence
UK Release Date: 6 November 2009 (Limited Release)


Labled Britain's first Hip Hop musical, 1 DAY boasts original music performed by the cast. The film mixes hip hop and grime tracks with gospel, reggae and spirituals providing a realistic, vibriant soundtrack to the story. A powerful high-energy live rap 'War Tune' introduces The Old Street Crew and the Zampa Boys - two crews from two different postcodes.

Filmed entirely on location on the inner-city streets of Birmingham, the film has utilised local talent both in front of and behind the camera, further enhancing the authenticity of the film. The film plunges you right into the heart of life on the streets as it follows 24 hours in the life of a young street hustler - Flash (Dylan Duffus).

Flash wakes up to a phone call from Angel (Yohance Watson) announcing that he's being released from prison and wants the £500k he'd left with Flash for safekeeping. £100k short of the full amount and pushed for time, Flash is forced to strike a deal with Evil (Tobias Duncan) who more than lives up to his name. 1 DAY follows Flash's race against the clock as he's pursued by a rival gang, the police, his three irate babymothers and his granny.

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