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Year: 2011
USA: Variance Films
Cast: Jackie Chan, Lee Bing Bing, Winston Chao, Joan Chen, Jaycee Chan, Dennis Tao, Wu Jiang, Ning Jing, Yu Shaoqun, Ge Hu, Winli Jang, Chun Sun, Ming Hu, Ya’nan Wang
Directors: Zhang Li, Jackie Chan
Countries: China / Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin (English subtitles)
USA: 118 mins
USA Rated: R for war violence
USA Release Date: 7 October 2011 (Limited Release)


"Fall of the last empire."

Jackie Chan's 100th film is an epic war film that's set at the beginning of the 20th century and details the fall of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing court had ruled China for over 250 years and were out of touch with the needs of the people, which ultimately fuelled the violent rebellion that brought it down.

With China split into warring factions and the starving citizens beginning to revolt, the ruling Qing court is building a powerful army to quash any rebellion. Revolutionary leader Huang Xing (Chan) decides he must act before the Qing army becomes too powerful, which leads to an increasingly desperate series of violent uprisings against the powerful Qing court.

The Chinese people had paid a dear price to end 2,800 years of feudal rule. The Xinhai Revolution helped establish the first Republic in Asia, which marked a crucial chapter in world history. 1911 tells the story of the people behind it, and strives for historical accuracy.

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