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Year: 2007
USA: Warner Independent Pictures
UK: Warner Bros Pictures International UK
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (narrator)
Interviews: Kenny Ausubel, Thom Hartmann, Wangari Maathai, Sandra Postel, Paul Stamets, David Orr, Stephen Hawking, Oren Lyons, Andy Revkin, Sylvia Earle, Paul Hawken, Janine Benyus, Stuart Pimm, Paolo Soleri, David Suzuki, James Hillman, James Parks Morton, Nathan Gardels, Wes Jackson, Joseph Tainter, Richard Heinberg, James Woolsey, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, Brock Dolman, Stephen Schneider, Bill McKibben, Peter deMenocal, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Ray Anderson, Tim Carmichael, Omar Freilla, Wallace J Nichols, Diane Wilson, Andrew Weil, Theo Colborn, Jeremy Jackson, Tzeporah Berman, Gloria Flora, Mikhail Gorbachev, Thomas Linzey, Michel Gelobter, Lester Brown, Herman Daly, Betsy Taylor, Wade Davis, Jerry Mander, Bill McDonough, Bruce Mau, John Todd, Rick Fedrizzi, Greg Watson, Leo Gerard, Mathew Petersen, Peter Warshall, Andy Lipkis
Additional Interviews: Homero Aridgis, Jerry Franklin, Bill Gallegos, Byron Katie, U'wa Tribal Leader Berito Kuwaru'wa, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Steve MacAusland, Jeremy Narby, Carolyn Raffensperger, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Matthew R. Simmons, Steven Strong, Nancy Todd, Tezozomoc, John Trudell, Pierre Andre Senizergues, Dierdre Wallace
Directors: Leila Conners Petersen, Nadia Conners
Country: USA
USA: 91 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild disturbing images and thematic elements
UK Certificate: tbc
USA Release Date: 31 August 2007 (Limited Release - wider)
USA Release Date: 24 August 2007 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: tbc


THE 11TH HOUR describes the last moment when change is possible. The film explores how humanity has arrived at this moment - how we live, how we impact the earth's ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course.

The film features dialogues with experts from all over the world, including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, former head of the CIA R. James Woolsey and sustainable design experts William McDonough and Bruce Mau in addition to over 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders who present the facts and discuss the most important issues that face our planet.

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, THE 11TH HOUR is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Leila Conners Petersen, Chuck Castleberry and Brian Gerbe. It is written and directed by Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners.

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