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DVD Review by EDF

What we have here is a one of the most unforgettable, quality programmes ever made and at last released on DVD. Any fans of the show with a DVD Player will buy this as this is the first time that these episodes have been made available chronogicly. Why buy this? First of all the package is very impressive, a tightly packed digi-pack which contains seven discs. The first six discs contain a total of twenty-four episodes. Each disc?s special feature contains clips dubbed in various languages. All well and good if you want to hear what Mulder & Scully sound like in Italian.

Two of the episodes have special features, which you need to activate for an X to appear at the corner of the screen for accessing that feature. The Pilot has two deleted scenes with Scully?s boyfriend. That alone would have killed off most of the show?s male fan base. Meanwhile on Fallen Angel we get a chance to view a special effects shot before the effects were added on. I would like to say that this is one of the most bizarre, funniest things I have ever seen on film.

What about the episodes themselves? From the start Chris Carter wanted to make a scary show. As well as this each episode needed to have a look and feel of a small movie. From the opening episode we find the F.B.I. trying to debunk the work of Fox Mulder, one of their top agents. They partner him up with Dana Scully who is supposed to regularly file reports to her chief, who is under the watchful eye of the Cigarette Smoking Man. While Mulder is ready to believe the unbelievable, Scully searches for answers using scientific methods. Deep Throat introduces the inside informant who points the way for Mulder when clues are hard to come by. Ice is their take on the movie ?The Thing? done X Files style and one of best episodes ever. Other classics include Squeeze and the sequel Tooms, Beyond The Sea, Fallen Angel, Eve and the Season One finale The Erlenmeyer Flask. As with any series there are a few, but with the X Files not many, turkeys which are represented here by the episodes Ghost In the Machine and Space.

Each episode has an average of twelve chapters and with a series like this, there are a lot of memorable scenes which people will want to access straight away.

Disc seven is a treat. This special bonus disc has
* An eleven minute documentary with people involved in the first series
* Chris Carter talks about twelve episodes from Season One
* Deleted scenes for the Pilot
* Special effects clip from Fallen Angel
* Promotional trailers from U.S. TV
* 12 Behind the Truth trailers
* DVD-ROM game Roots Of Conspiracy

Fans of the show will buy this. If you are not a fan and you want to believe, then this should be in your collection. Roll on Season Two.

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