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Movie Review by Nigel M
The X Files - Requiem is the tape you've been waiting for as it not only seems to show the end of the 'Cigarette Smoking Man' but also the point where Mulder finally is proved right and is himself abducted. It's also the first X Files appearance of Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) best known for his portrayal of the near indestructible terminator in the movie "Terminator 2".

Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovany) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) return to the scene of their first investigation which was seven years ago in Oregon. Again they are assigned to investigate a series of abductions and UFO sightings that are plaguing the area. The reoccurring abductions and UFO crash does not only capture Mulder and Scully's interest but also that of the dying Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) who is trying to revive the conspiracy. The Cigarette Smoking Man's obsession with the revival of 'the project' leads to his violent demise and apparent death, although we are never quite sure of this.

A few days later Mulder and Agent Skinner (Mitch Pellegi) enter the Oregon forest trying to trace abnormal activity. Suddenly Mulder disappears and Skinner sees Mulder being abducted by a UFO and taken off into the night's sky! Scully realises it is now up to her to save her partner's life and she struggles as images of him being experimented upon torment her. She is now under the direction of new character and search task force leader John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and her contempt for him is enhanced by her own personal problems. Meanwhile the mystery surrounding Mulder's disappearance continues to deepen.

Requiem is a superb X-Files feature and should become part of the essential X-Files collection. Not only does this feature provide answers to unexplained questions that appear throughout the series but the story lines exude a unique brilliance and a gripping feeling of suspense.

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