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So how well did you do?


1) What shape were the U.F.O.s seen by Mulder in the episode "Deep Throat"?


2) How many episodes in season one, including the pilot?


3) In the pilot episode, what prompted Scully to undress in Mulder's hotel room?

She wanted him to examine her for signs of alien abduction.

4) What is Mulder's middle name?


5) Which John Carpenter film inspired the first season episode "Ice"?

The Thing.

6) To what did the episode title "Fallen Angel" refer?

A crashed UFO.

7) What was contained within "The Erlenmeyer Flask"?

An alien fetus.

8) Which first season episode was named after a Bobby Darin song?

"Beyond the Sea"

9) What was the name of the episode in which the shape-shifting killer, Tooms, made his comeback?


10) Who shut down the X-Files investigations at the end of season one?



1) Of what was postal worker Ed Frunsch mortally afraid in the episode entitled "Blood"?


2) What did Gillian Anderson allegedly eat during the second season episode "Humbug"?

A live cockroach.

3) What was the name of the former FBI agent who abducted Scully early in season two?

Duane Barry.

4) In which war had the insomniac soldiers of "Sleepless" fought together?

The Vietnam War.

5) From how many episodes was Gillian Anderson absent due to her pregnancy?


6) What was the name of the vampire with whom Mulder slept in "3"?

Kristen (Kilar).

7) What did the Church of the Red Museum strongly oppose?

Eating meat.

8) What fell from the sky in the episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt"?

Live toads.

9) Who was Mulder surprised to meet in the "Colony"/"End Game" two parter?

His grown-up sister (Samantha).

10) Who, or what, was "F.Emasculata" in the episode of that title?

An insect.


1) What was insurance salesman Clyde Bruckman's peculiar talent?

He could predict the manner and occasion of someone's death.

2) What was the name of the Native American ritual which cured Mulder at the start of season three?

"The Blessing Way"

3) Name one of the two dead people who visit Mulder during his fever dream in the episode "The Blessing Way."

His father (Bill Mulder) and Deep Throat.

4) How does Clyde Bruckman jokingly predict that Mulder will meet his end?

Auto-erotic strangulation.

5) How many limbs is Gulf War veteran Leonard Trimble missing in "The Walk"?


6) What did the killer in "2Shy" look for in his female victims?


7) What is a coprophage?

A cockroach (dung beetle).

8) What did Chinese immigrants trade for prizes in "Hell Money"?

Their vital organs.

9) What was the name of the book being written by Jose Chung with Scully's help?

'From Outer Space'

10) Which deadly game is Mulder forced to play in "Pusher"?

Russian Roulette.


1) What was the name of the construction company which employed Jerry Schnauz in "Unruhe"?

Iskendarian Construction.

2) In which episode does Scully utter the words "Baa-ram-ewe" to some bewildered sheep?


3) According to "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man", what were Fox Mulder's first words?


4) In which year did a mysterious rock crash in Tunguska, Siberia?


5) How does Agent Pendrell meet his death?

He is gunned down in a bar.

6) For which international organization does Marita Covarrubias work?

The UN.

7) Which character supposedly writes spy novels under the pseudonym Raul Bloodworth?

Cigarette-Smoking Man.

8) What connected each of the victims in "Teliko"?

They were black.

9) Who heals Mulder's mother when she suffers a stroke in "Herrenvolk"?

The Bounty Hunter.


1) Which character was shot and supposedly killed at the end of "Redux II"?

Cigarette-Smoking Man.

2) In which year is "Unusual Suspects" set?


3) Which fifth season episode was filmed entirely in black and white?

"The Post-Modern Prometheus"

4) What was the name of the little girl whom Scully believes to be her child?


5) To which episode was "Kitsunegari" a sequel?


6) What was the name of the comic book in "The Post-Modern Prometheus"?

The Great Mutato.

7) In which episode are Mulder and Scully lost in the woods and menaced by an invisible creature?


8) Which famous horror writer was drafted in to write "Chinga"?

Stephen King.

9) Which famous science fiction writer was drafted in to write "Kill Switch"?

William Gibson.

10) Who or what is "Patient X"?

Cassandra Spender.


1) In which episode was Mulder forced to drive across the US with a man who claimed his head might explode?


2) Which episode was largely set on a luxury liner, circa 1939?


3) Who played the ghosts in "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"?

Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner.

4) What was unusual about the weatherman in "The Rain King"?

He could change the weather.

5) Which major character was introduced in "Two Fathers"?

Jeffrey Spender.

6) What is the name of the approaching hurricane in "Agua Mala"?

Hurricane Leroy.

7) What happens on "Monday"?

History repeats itself.

8) What is the name of the planned community in which Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple in "Arcadia"?

The Falls.

9) What was the name of the twister which caused a prisoner to gain supernatural powers in "Trevor"?


10) Who wrote and directed the baseball-themed episode, "The Unnatural"?

David Duchovny.


1) In which episode did Millennium's Frank Black make a guest appearance?


2) In which episode is a fast food restaurant employee's brain literally sucked from his skull?


3) What creature has apparently attacked a man inside a locked car in "Signs and Wonders"?


4) What does Mulder learn in the episode "Closure"?

The truth about his sister's disappearance.

5) Which two episodes are crossovers with other Fox series?

"Millennium" and "X-COPS"

6) Who wrote and directed the episode "Hollywood AD"?

David Duchovny.

7) Who wrote and directed the episode "All Things"?

Gillian Anderson.

8) What was the name of the episode written by X-Files actor William B Davis?

"En Ami"

9) In which episode does a virtual reality game have deadly consequences?

"First Person Shooter"

10) Who rescues Alex Krycek from a Tunisian prison in "Requiem"?

Cigarette-Smoking Man.


1) Who wrote and directed the eighth season episode "Patience"?

Chris Carter.

2) What is worshipped by the members of a cult that kidnaps Scully in "Roadrunners"?

A slug-like parasite.

3) In which eighth season episode does Monica Keyes make her first appearance?

"This Is Not Happening"

4) Which of Robert Patrick's Terminator 2 co-stars appeared in "Redrum"?

Joe Morton.

5) Which city's subway system is contaminated by a virus in "Medusa"?

Boston, Massachussetts.

6) Where was the body of Fox Mulder laid to rest in "Deadalive"?

A North Carolina cemetery.

7) Who disappears in the episode "Alone"?

Special Agent John Doggett.

8) Who helps deliver Scully's baby in "Existence"?

Monica Reyes.

9) What is special about the Apollo 11 keychain Scully gives Doggett in "Alone"?

It was a birthday present from Mulder.

10) What is the name of John Doggett's son, abducted and murdered in 1997?


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