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Video Review by NIGEL M

Includes bonus episodes from the Millenium TV series

There are fireworks in store for Mulder and Scully in the landmark X-Files feature Millennium. A harrowing tale of suicide and murder, the highly rated X-Files Millennium episode features a storyline with criminal profiler Frank Black making a cameo appearance from the hit TV series Millennium. The video also includes two bonus episodes from the Millennium TV series.
The Millennium episode of the X-Files is a classic marking not only the X-Files moving into the year 2000 but also Mulder and Scully's first 'real time' screen kiss. The crossover with Chris Carter's Millennium series also ties up some loose ends about Frank Black's life after the dramatic end of that series.

Once again the X-File superb style wins it top marks and makes this a collectors video.


Via Dolorosa

Frank and other investigators pursue a serial killer. However, his deadly methodology is identical to that of a murderer who was executed three days earlier. The FBI believes they have a suspect and dramatically storm an apartment where they make an important discovery. A combination of intrigue and fatal premonitions lead Frank to a ghostly realisation that in the following episode is to lead them straight into the hands of the killer.


Goodbye To All That

Frank continues his pursuit of the copycat killer. His suspect leaves distinct crime scene clues that represent The Stations of the Cross. When it is apparent the Millennium Group are directly involved Frank takes a stand that ruins his affiliation with the bureau and even worse could destroy his career.



In the much anticipated days leading up to the Millennium, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of post-mortem disappearances after FBI bodies are mysteriously exhumed. Enlisting the help of retired criminal profiler Frank Black to help with their investigations Skinner finally concludes that the men were all members of the Millennium group. As a dark tale of an ancient deathly ritual unfolds Mulder and Scully are drawn closer to a terrifying conclusion. Can they prevent the Millennium group from attaining an Armageddon new year ?

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