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Season 9 VHS Box Set

Running time: 860 minutes approx
Certificate: 15

Nine seasons is a long time for any show and fortunately for fans the X-Files ends in style. Most people know by now that Mulder returns for the end of the series but for the most part Scully, Reyes and Dogget are left to challenge the most exciting conspiracy of the decade encountering new faces, new alliances and new creatures.

Are these creatures military supersoldiers, genetically created by the government, or are they alien mutations? More questions are asked by those who seek the truth, including a question mark over the father of Scully's son. Could baby William be one of these creatures? Could this baby be the vital clue to solve the X-Files?

The FBI also come under attack internally from Dogget. He is challenging their darkest secrets, asking what the American government has been hiding for the last nine years? What does the FBI know about parallel universes, extraterrestrial life, and most importantly the fate of the human race on Earth?

In this final season, the writers keep the tension building and the audience guessing right to the final episode. The chemistry between all of the characters is stronger than ever with the introduction of a political love-triangle between Doggert, Reyes and Agent Alex Krycek, and Scully's yearning for the reappearance of Mulder...

Hold on to your seats, Season 9 contains all the answers that no one can risk not knowing. The truth is finally revealed ...up to a point.

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