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The seventh box-set, which contains all 22 episodes, takes you on a journey into the gruesome paranormal with FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). This box-set is a must buy for fans because it is the last opportunity to see David Duchovny in his last full season as Mulder, and includes episodes written and directed by both Gillian Anderson ('All Things') and David Duchovny ('Hollywood A.D.'). Significantly, Season Seven marks the end of the mythology surrounding Mulder's sister Samantha in 'Closure', as he finally learns the truth about her disappearance.

This is a jam-packed season full of the usual suspense and intrigue. However, Season Seven's episodes are as refreshing and exciting as ever with new and terrifying conspiracy theories that involve the occult, religion and urban legends. Watch with baited breath as the muddled relationship between Mulder and Scully reaches new and unexpected heights in the acclaimed episode 'Millennium', and see whether Scully is brave enough to save Mulder in 'First Person Shooter'. 'Requiem' proves to be the best cliffhanger yet as Mulder and Scully return to the scene of their first investigation seven years ago and encounter a UFO that may spell the end of their relationship, and the beginning of a new life.

The Season Seven boxset is also packed with spooky special features that are not to be missed. The final disc includes a 30 minute 'Truth About Season Seven' documentary, 10 deleted scenes with optional commentary, 13 special effects sequences with narration by Paul Rabwin, X-Files profiles on Skinner and Samantha Mulder and 30 promotional TV spots. A combination of gripping stories and superb acting has made the X-Files legendary viewing and Season Seven is certainly no exception


Certificate: 15
Language: English
Subtitles: English SDH, Dutch, French, French Text, Greek, Italian, Italian Text
Running Time: 22 x 45 mins plus special features
Original Aspect Ratio: 16x9FF 1.78
Sound Quality: 2.0 Surround

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