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The Cigarette Smoking Man appeared in the very first episode of The X-Files, and since this time, his foreboding influence and dark intentions have remained a constant threat to Mulder and Scully in their search for the truth.

Now you can follow the Cigarette Smoking Man's tracks from his first assassinating assignment, to the appointment of Mulder to the X-Files and the spread of the conspiracy. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man is just one of the episodes now available to buy in the new X-Files Season Four DVD Boxset. This seven disc boxset features all 24 episodes from the Season alongside a whole host of special features that will leave you amused, intrigued and utterly enthralled.

Further testing the relationship between Scully and Mulder, Season Four sees both the agents struggling with personal demons in their battle against the Government's deepening deceptions. In a thrilling two-parter Tunguska & Terma, Scully risks contempt of Congress to shield her partner as he battles against the Black Oil and the treacherous Krycek in a brutal Russian experimental camp. In Tempus Fugit and Max, the agents are again up against secret forces as they attempt to recover a crashed UFO and its pilot!

One of the central storylines running throughout Season Four is the discovery that Scully has developed cancer, a direct result of her abduction experience in Season Two. Scully is adamant that she will keep working with Mulder in their pursuit of the truth Memento Mori, and investigates cases of other abductees suffering cancer to find a cure for her illness.

Season Four is packed with episodes showcasing The X-Files' ability to entertain, engross and chronicle the inexplicable! Invisibility Unrequited, Inbreeding Home, Shape-Shifting Small Potatoes and psychic killers Unruhe are just some of the challenges facing Mulder and Scully, as the ambiguity of their relationship is further highlighted. In the season finale Gethsemane Mulder faces up to the possibility that his whole belief system has been based on a lie, fuelled by the syndicate. Will he finally give up his search for the truth? Or can Scully pull him back from the brink?

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