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Why does an intruder have a mission to murder Scully's baby? Is Mulder alive? What does the FBI know that they need to hide? Scully battles endlessly to resolve these questions that surround the mystery of her son William, the disappearance of Mulder and what she finds to be the fate of the human race in this fast-moving feature from Season 9

In the middle of the night a motorcyclist tries to illegally cross the Canadian border, but is chased to destruction and explodes in a ditch. The motorcyclist can not be found, but there in the remains of the crash, a pouch of rubbings are found by the FBI that reveal the images of symbols - symbols of great importance that Scully has seen before.

Having studied the symbols from what was believed to be a spacecraft in South Africa nearly 4 years ago (Biogenesis season 6), Scully had concluded that the symbols revealed a series of words from the bible, the Koran, the periodic table and other human religions. They tell the story of evolution and hold a prophecy for the future from a spacecraft thought to be hundreds of thousands years old. The new rubbings can only mean one thing - another spaceship has been found...

Providence sees Scully' s normal reluctance to believe in the existence of other life slowly break down as she experiences events that deny all laws of physics known to her. The motorcyclist is miraculously healed from a piece of unknown metal that bears the ancient markings, but what is more surprising is the metal's frightening attraction to William and it's ability to fly and hover in the air. Does this piece of a spaceship finally hold the answers to the universe? If so what is the alarming connection to Scully's baby?

This tantalising DVD and video is a must for anyone seeking the truth. In addition it includes a special selection of extras, such as a character card, profiles and an exclusive behind the scenes feature. Providence is a constant drama of suspense and intriguing anxiety that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. Eagerly anticipated answers to questions posed over the last nine years begin to be resolved as Chris Carter wraps up in his final season of the X-Files.

If you want the answers... Providence holds the key.


Pan & Scan
Hi-Fi Stereo


Feature running time: 84mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing, French, Dutch, German
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.78: 1 (16 x 9)
Sound Quality: 2.0 Surround
Special Features:
Behind the scenes Documentary
Brad Follmer Profile

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