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Season 2

UK DVD: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Cast: Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Romany Malco, Kevin Nealon, Hunter Parrish, Andy Milder, Alexander Gould, Tonye Pantano, Justin Kirk, Allie Grant, Indigo, Renee Victor, Martin Donovan
UK Certificate: 18
UK DVD Release Date: 7 January 2008

Get ready to get hooked on weeds as the second series of this truly addictive comedy comes to DVD including all twelve episodes and some great special features.

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Yes, and it smells better too! Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed award-winning TV comedy drama Weeds is back as it follows the highs and lows of 'dealing' with life in the suburbs.

Funnier, darker and breaking more rules than ever before, the second season of Weeds sees the return of the brilliant cast led by Golden Globe winner* Mary-Louise Parker (The West Wing, Fried Green Tomatoes) who plays Nancy Botwin, the suburban mother of two who had to learn how to deal - pot that is - after the death of her husband. Now, her business is a hit, but keeping up with the neighbours in this suburban utopia isn't easy. She's joined up with a few of her closest friends and together they're facing life's highs and lows - because even in paradise, nothing is perfect.

The follow up to the award winning first season sees Nancy waking up at her new boyfriend Peter's house, only to discover that he is - quite inconveniently - a DEA agent. She now has a choice to make - continue the new grow house with Conrad or commit to Peter. Meanwhile, Andy finds himself being re-called to active duty in Iraq due to a long-forgotten commitment to the Army reserve, Celia decides to run for Doug's position on the council, someone decides to come out of the closet, Heylia and the mobsters are closing in and Silas finds himself in a whole heap of trouble. With a breath-taking cliffhanger finale, Season 2 of Weeds makes it to higher ground as this brilliant TV series goes from strength to strength.

With sex and drugs, the only thing missing from this idyllic suburbia is the rock 'n' roll! But even that gets covered with a special guest appearance by Snoop Dogg. Nancy and her partners in crime reset the bar for what is meant by 'desperate housewives' as things spin out of. Friendships are made and broken, and love is lost and found so get set for the 'trip' of a lifetime and follow the twist and turns that this sensational series delivers.

This DVD release of Season 2 and comes fully loaded with special features including audio commentaries, six trivia tracks, performance by Jammin' Nation, and tongue in cheek featurettes on the 'Tools of the Trade' and 'Slangin' 101', providing you with all you need to know about how to deal with life in the suburbs.

And if that's not enough then take a deep breath and exhale slowly, as the 'Double Dose Season 1 & 2 Box set containing both seasons 1 and 2 and ALL the DVD extras of both seasons is being released in a brilliant hemp style box set.


Corn Snake - Commentary with Writer/Creator Jenji Kohan
Cooking With Jesus - Commentary with Craig X
A.K.A. The Plant - Commentary with Producer/Writer Matthew Salsberg and Director Lev L. Spiro
Trivia Tracks - Last Tango in Agrestic, Mrs Botwin's Neighborhood, Crush Love Panic
MILF Gag Reel
Conrad's Grow Room
Huskeroos Commercials (in English and Spanish)

MILF Money - Commentary with Romany Malco
Bash - Commentary with Kevin Nealon
Yeah. Like Tomatoes - Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Roberto Benabib and
Executive Producer/Director Craig Zisk
Pittsburgh- Commentary with Jenji Kohan
Trivia Tracks - Must Find Toes, Mile Deep and a Foot Wide, Yeah. Like Tomatoes
Jammin' Nation Extended Performance
Slangin' 101
Little Boxes Montage - Aidan Hawken, Dengue Fever, Peggy Honeywell, Tim DeLaughter of the Polyphonic Spree
Tools of the Trade

WEEDS SEASON 1 SPECIAL FEATURES (included in the 'Totally Dope Double Pack')
Audio Commentaries
Smokey Snippets
Suburban Shakedown
Showtime Original Series Shorts
Featurette - Smoke and Mirrors
Featurette - Showtime Original Special
Agrestic Herbal Recipes
All Too Much - More Than a Friend Music Video

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