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Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Cast And Crew
Director: David Mallet
Producers: Damian Collier, Dave Crowe, Stuart Watts & Jeff Wayne
Creative Director: Micha Bergese

Cast In Order Of Appearance
Lewis McLeod: The Martian Voices in The Prequel
Richard Burton: George Herbert, The Journalist (archive sound)
Justin Hayward: Sung Thoughts of The Journalist
Alexis James: The Artilleryman
Anna-Marie Wayne: Carrie - George Herbert's Fiancee
Chris Thompson: The Voice of Humanity
Russell Watson: Parson Nathaniel
Tara Blaise: Beth - The Parson's Wife
Jerry Wayne: The Voices of NASA control

Conducted By Jeff Wayne

Running time (main feature): 1hr 51min

To celebrate the thirtieth Anniversary of the live show of Jeff Wayne's multi-platinum award winning Musical Version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, a new DVD box-set of the 2006 UK Tour is being released as a limited edition for a short time only. This outstanding 2-disc DVD set of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - ALIVE ON STAGE! comes in brilliant new packaging with exclusive artwork and is complete with a special edition of the classic HG Well's novel from Penguin with new photography from the show. Also included is a postcard print of the new thirtieth Anniversary poster, plus information on the new UK arena tour scheduled from June 2009.

Filmed live at the new Wembley Arena, London, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage! 2 disc DVD features bonus interviews, commentary, and exclusive behind the scenes footage, including an inside look into 'Making a Martian Fighting Machine'. It also features a candid documentary that provides a fascinating insight into what it has taken to produce this truly unique project that has enthralled arena audiences from around the UK, Australia, New Zealand and next year into Europe and other territories.

After nearly three years of composition and production, Jeff Wayne released in June 1978 his musical version of the HG Wells Sci-Fi classic The War of The Worlds. Since then it has gone on to become one of the most popular musical works of all time, selling a staggering 15 million copies around the world to date, including sales in excess of 11 times Platinum in both the UK, and Australia and 14 times Platinum in New Zealand, and Gold or Platinum in numerous other countries around the world.

After much anticipation, in 2006 Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds was brought to the stage in the form of an electrifying live show for the first time ever. It performed to sold-out arenas across the UK receiving standing ovations every night and received rave reviews. The groundbreaking and unique style originally used to tell the tale is maintained in the live show through a spectacular hybrid of spellbinding narration, live music and vocal performances, theatre, art, multi-media and inspiring visual CGI effects.

Set in Victorian England the live show brilliantly portrays the tale of Martians invading Earth, and includes a remarkable fully operating 35-ft, 3-tonne Martian Fighting Machine that descends 'from the gods' firing Heat Rays at the audience and scanning them with its bug-like eyes. One of the highlights of the show, thanks to the amazing use of digital technology, is the 'live' performance of Richard Burton. Brought back to life in the form of a ten-foot high, 3D sculpted talking head that hovers over the stage, Richard is seen and heard re-creating his original role as George Herbert, The Journalist. In 2007, this was further improved with the inclusion of a cutting-edge photo-real 11-ft high floating hologram.

This new thirtieth Anniversary Edition of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - ALIVE ON STAGE! showcases a unique blend of rock, electronic and classical music courtesy of the 10-piece Black Smoke Band and the 48-piece ULLAdubULLA Strings with Jeff conducting the performance and is packed with amazing extras, bonus postcard, special edition book and exclusive artwork and packaging.

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