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Season 3

UK DVD: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Dennis Haysbert, Audrey Marie Anderson, Regina Taylor, Max Martini, Robert Patrick, Abby Brammell, Michael Irby, Scott Foley, Demore Barnes, Alyssa Shafer, Rebecca Pidgeon, Danielle Hanratty, Kavita Patil
UK Certificate: 15
UK DVD Release Date: 20 October 2008
Back with a bang THE UNIT: SEASON THREE follows the men at the core of a top-secret military world of conspiracy, terrorism and suspense named The Unit. Dennis Haysbert (24), Scott Foley (Felicity) and Robert Patrick (The X-Files) star in this Emmy-nominated show.

In the latest season the team return home from a successful mission, though it is not long before they are catapulted into the firing line once again. The Unit is on official stand-down from duty. Accusations of criminal activity land upon leader Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) and his men. Is this a witch-hunt, or have shady happenings been flying under the radar?

No one is immune to suspicion and now the skills and training learnt at the military are the only weapons to protect themselves and their families. It is a deadly race of survival to uncover who is behind these attacks on The Unit.

Whether on the front line or back at home, these men and women are locked into The Unit.

The box set contains all 11 episodes over three packed DVDs with deleted scenes, a making of featurette and director's commentary.


Deleted scenes
Making of featurette
Director's commentary


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