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Volume 44 (Season 9 Volume 1)

Stars: Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge
Claudia Black, Beau Bridges


The new DVD releases of SEASON 9 continue with the usual exciting episodes. The season also sees a new member Lt. Col Mitchell played by BEN BROWDER (Farscape) join the intrepid team to lead SG1.

Featuring the following thrilling episodes, this first DVD of season 9 (Vol.44) includes special guest star appearances from RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON (MacGyver) and CLAUDIA BLACK (Farscape).

SG-1 finds them with a new leader after the departure of Gen. Jack O'Neill. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell takes over the mantel and is thrown straight in at the deep end when he sets out on a mission with Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and Vala to uncover a stash of ancient riches. Daniel knows Vala's presence will mean trouble and whilst together Vala clamps a Jaffa bracelet to his wrist and her wrist so binding them together.

Daniel Jackson and Vala find themselves transported to a distant galaxy populated by strange worshipers of a potentially threatening authority. Daniel and Vala have been saved from the fanatical Ori followers in Origin but learn their reactivation of an Ancient communications device has accidentally alerted the Ori to the vast number of unbelievers on Earth. The Ori immediately send out missionaries to Earth to convert the people by any means necessary.

Daniel Jackson and Vala are back at Stargate command. The bracelet that has bound them together has finally been removed but its effects remain causing great concern with the team.


Certificate: PG
Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic
Languages: English - Dolby Digital (5.1)
Subtitles: Finnish

Commentaries for each episode
Featurette "It Takes a Crew to Raise a Village
"Featurette SG-1 Directors Series: "Avalon" featuring Andy Mikita
Photo Gallery
Photo/Production Design Gallery

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