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Season 8 Volume 39

The all new DVD releases of SEASON 8 contain a host of exciting extra material including The Lowdown Part 2, a behind the scenes documentary, the Directors Series looking at an episode in detail and a Photo Gallery/Production Design Gallery.

VOLUME 39 features four thrilling episodes Icon, Avatar, Affinity and Covenant.

SG-1's sudden appearance sparks a civil war on the planet Tegalus, whose inhabitants were unaware of the Stargate's true nature.

A virtual reality training exercise goes dramatically wrong in Avatar when a computer simulation that Teal'c is testing starts to learn from him, trapping him and threatening his life. Daniel attaches himself to the simulation risking his own life in order to save Teal'c.

In Affinity Teal'c is given the clearance to live off base and tries in vein to blend in with society. But when his unwavering ethical code compels him to help people in trouble, in particular his pretty neighbour, he finds himself wrapped up in a murder case! Erica Durance who also stars as Lois Lane in the TV show SMALLVILLE plays the pretty neighbour.

A billionaire industrialist who's satellite has monitored alien movement threatens to reveal the existence of alien life and the governments involvement at a press conference, SG-1 is asked to keep him quiet. Carter must decide just how far she will go to stop this threat to national security.

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