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Season 7 episodes of STARGATE SG-1 continue with the DVD release of Volume 35.The new DVD releases of Season 7 contain DVD extras including revealing commentaries on each of the four episodes, the fascinating behind-the-scenes Directors Series and star profiles.

There's also the chance to win some exclusive STARGATE SG-1 merchandise and a VIP visit to the set of the show in Vancouver, Canada, with an in pack loyalty scheme.

VOLUME 35 features four episodes Grace, Fallout, Chimera and Death Knell.


Having sustained an injury during an alien attack Carter awakens to find herself abandoned on the Prometheus and trapped in unexplored nebula. Carter must find a way out of the nebula before it destroys her ship and only way home.

Jonus Quinn returns to SGC with news that the naquadria mines of kelowna are not native to his world and are threatening to cause an explosion that could wipe out his world. Can SG-1 help before millions die?

Daniel experiences strange dreams centered on his possible knowledge of the Lost City of the Ancients. Carter, O'Neill and Teal'c think Daniel's mind is being manipulated against his will and must find a way to help him.

After the Alpha site is compromised, Carter flees from a super warrior with a piece of technology that may be key to defeating Anubis' new army. With the enemy on her trail O'Neill and Teal'c race to find her before it's too late!


Certification: PG
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, German, Spanish
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired
Directors commentaries and star profiles
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