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Season 7 episodes of STARGATE SG-1 continue with the DVD release of Volume 33.The new DVD releases of Season 7 contain DVD extras including revealing commentaries on each of the four episodes, the fascinating behind-the-scenes Directors Series and star profiles.

There's also the chance to win some exclusive STARGATE SG-1 merchandise and a VIP visit to the set of the show in Vancouver, Canada, with an in pack loyalty scheme.

VOLUME 33 features four episodes Revisions, Lifeboat, Enemy Mine and Space Race.


The crew discover a devastated universe where the inhabitants live in a protective dome run by an all controlling computer system but do they have a choice?

The SG-1 crew find a crashed spaceship containing people in a cryogenic sleep. The team are struck unconscious by a mysterious weapon and upon waking, Daniel discovers that several of the frozen personalities inhabit his body.

The crew are sent to protect a SGC Naquadah mining operation who have come under attack from a native tribe of Unas. The Unas are protecting what they see as a sacred site. Instead of destroying the Unas Daniel attempts to negotiate with them before the Pentagon demands their destruction.

The Serakkin Warrick, whom SG-1 rescued on a previous mission shares his planets technology in exchange for Carter helping him win a space race. Carter finds herself co piloting the craft through a perilous obstacle course that could lead to disaster!


A behind the scenes insight into the working day of a director on the 'Fragile Balance' episode
Profile of star Michael Shanks

Certification: PG
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired
Directors commentaries and star profiles
Preview trailers and photo galleries

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