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STARGATE SG-1 SEASON 6 VOLUME 30 again features four adventures: Disclosure; Forsaken; The Changeling; and Memento.

The DVD release also has a host of added extras including the all-new Director Series features which give a fascinating insight into the working day of the director on selected episodes. On VOLUME 30, the director series focuses on the two episodes The Changeling and Memento, plus audio commentaries, the next in a series of stills gallery for Season 6, promo trailers, a fan spot and the next exciting step of the in pack loyalty scheme to win a fabulous VIP visit to the set of the show in Vancouver, Canada.

The regular team now consists of RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON as Colonel Jack O'Neill, AMANDA TAPPING as Major Samantha Carter, CHRISTOPHER JUDGE as Teal'c and Jonas Quinn - played by CORIN NEMEC. This DVD release, also features a guest appearance from heartthrob character Dr Daniel Jackson played by MICHAEL SHANKS in The Changeling


General Hammond and the Pentagon must reveal the existence of the Stargate portal to other World governments - the question is, will the other governments allow the U.S government to keep control of it?

Whilst exploring an off-world planet, the team discovers a crashed ship and three human survivors. As the team helps to repair the ship, they realise that the survivors are hiding a secret.

Teal'c becomes haunted by visions and begins to lose a grip on reality. It is down to his old friend Dr. Daniel Jackson to help him realise what is fiction and reality.

The SG-1 team accompanies the X-303 ship on its maiden voyage but when the ship drops out of hyperspace the team must make some important decisions or face never getting back to earth.


Audio commentaries featuring directors, cast and crew for every episode
Behind the scenes photo gallery for each episode.

Certification: PG
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, German, Spanish
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, Finnish, German for the hearing impaired

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