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STARGATE SG-1 SEASON 6 VOLUME 28 features four fantastic adventures: Allegiance; The Cure; Prometheus; and Unnatural Selection.

The DVD release also has a host of added extras including the all-new Director Series features which give a fascinating insight into the working day of the director on selected episodes such as script development, prop and set creation. On VOLUME 28, the director series focuses on Allegiance; The Cure: Prometheus plus there's audio commentaries, the next in a series of stills gallery for Season 6, promo trailers, and a fan spot.

Joining the existing team of RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON as Colonel Jack O'Neill, AMANDA TAPPING as Major Samantha Carter and CHRISTOPHER JUDGE as Teal'c is new recruit Jonas Quinn - played by CORIN NEMEC - who begins to learn the ways of Stargate command.


SG-1 must keep the peace between the Tok'ra and the rebel Jaffa who must both take refuge at the SGC Alpha Site. Centuries of mistrust exist between the two races as an assassin picks off members of both sides at the camp. O'Neill must stop the bloodshed before the assassin escapes with the Alpha Site's coordinates.

A race of people have a 'Fountain of Youth' remedy and are willing to trade it, but SG-1 becomes increasingly distressed when they find out the source of their immortality.

The first instalment of an exciting cliff hanger episode, Colonel Simmons, in league with Adrian Conrad, hijack the X-303- Earths first interstellar ship built largely from Goa'uld technology.

As SG-1 are marooned in deep space, Thor and the Ancients come to their rescue in exchange for O'Neill's help to fight the Replicators who have overrun their home world. Convinced they will attack Earth if not stopped, O'Neill plans a mission to finally stop the Replicators.

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