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STARGATE SG-1 SEASON 6 releases continue with VOLUME 27 which features four great episodes: Nightwalkers; Abyss; Shadowplay and The Other Guys. Daniel Jackson returns as actor Michael Shanks reprises his role for a special episode, and Quantum Leap's Dean Stockwell also guest stars.

The DVD release also has a host of added extras including the all-new Director Series features which give a fascinating insight into the working day of the director on two episodes such as script development, prop and set creation. On VOLUME 27, the director series focuses on the Shadow Play and The Other Guys plus there's audio commentaries, a stills gallery for Season 6, promo trailers, and a fan spot.

There's also a new recruit - Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) - who joins the existing team (Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill, Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter, Christopher Judge as Teal's) and begins to learn the ways of the SGC Stargate Command.


A scientist is killed shortly after he contacts Stargate Command, the remaining members of SG-1 investigate strange occurrences in a small town and learns that the community has a dark secret.

Jack is captured by the Goa'uld, they repeatedly torture him to the point of death and then use the sarcophagus to revive him. Knowing that his sanity and life is at stake, Jack thinks he might be beyond saving when Daniel Jackson appears to him in his cell. But can Jack hold out long enough to be rescued by SG-1?

Jonas's old professor played by Dean Stockwell asks for SG1's help to stage a coup on his home planet. Should SG1 get involved to stop a civil war?

Two bumbling Earth scientists mess up an undercover operation when they try and rescue the SG1 team from the Goa'uld. But will they become heroes when Jack's plan goes wrong?

These adventures are also available on retail VHS as STARGATE SG-1 VOLUMES 6.3 and 6.4.

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