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Season 1 Volume 2

Stargate Atlantis Season 1 Volume 2 features four exciting episodes, Suspicion, Childhood's End, Poisoning The Well and Underground. The release is packed with extra material including Atlantis Mission Directive: The Defiant One, a diary of Rainbow Sun Francks together with photo and production galleries.

Dr Weir begins to suspect that one of the Athosians is actually a Wraith when the Atlantis team are ambushed by the Wraith on an off world trip. Taking action despite Teyla and Sheppards approval Dr Weir starts interviewing the Athosians in order to weed out the wraith but alienates the community who start leaving the city in droves.

The Atlantis team discover a primitive forest dwelling tribe untouched by the Wraith. An electromagnetic field protects them from the Wraith but the tribe believe ritual suicide keeps the wraith at bay. Sheppard must try and convince the tribe this ritual is unnecessary but the 'elders' are not so sure.

the team encounters the Hoffans a civilisation who claim to have developed a drug making them immune to the Wraith. Learning of the awakening of the Wraith the Hoffmans demand to inoculate their people before the drug is properly tested to the horror of Dr Beckett.

When Atlantis' food ratios begin to dwindle Dr Weir starts to trade with other worlds for food. Sheppard, McKay, Ford and Teyla start trading with Genii a simple farming people. The team learn however the Genii may not be a simple farming people after all when a secret defence system hidden beneath their crops is discovered.


3 hours 9 minutes
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired ; Finnish ; German for the hearing impaired
Languages: English ; German - Dolby Digital (5.1)
Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic
Certificate: PG

'A Diary Of Rainbow Sun Francks' featurette
`Atlantis Mission Directive: The Storm/The Eye' featurette
Photo gallery
Production galleries

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