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Season 6

STAR TREK: VOYAGER SEASON 6 sees Captain Janeway and her crew approaching the end of their desperate quest to return home from the Delta Quadrant with over 19 hours of episodes, re-mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and her former second-in-command Chakotay (Robert Beltran) are keen to return to their former life in the Alpha Quadrant; this possibility seems to be drawing near when they are contacted by former Starship Enterprise crew member, Reg Barclay, from the Pathfinder project, giving them a link to home for the first time.

Meanwhile, former Borg drone, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), is forced to face up to her past when Voyager meets other Borg children and she develops a special attachment to Icheb (Manu Intruaymi). In the fantastic season finale, Seven of Nine must help other Borgs protect the secret of Unimatrix Zero from the Borg Queen, who is hot on her trail.

This collection also sees the defeat of renegade Starfleet Captain Ransom and the crew of the Equinox, while engineer B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) makes a voyage of self-discovery as she visits the Klingon Barge of the Dead and is stranded in an alien world with no hope of rescue. Season 6 also sees the return of Kes (series regular Jennifer Lien reprising her role from the first three seasons of the show) who is hell bent on revenge.

The extras lead with 'Braving the Unknown: Season Six' which focuses on the making of the season's strong opening show and 'Barge of the Dead'. There are also interviews with Berman, Braga, Roxann Dawson, Kate Mulgrew and Marina Sirtis. Exclusive extras include an interview with the versatile actor, Vaughn Armstrong, whose roles have ranges from Klingons to Admiral Forest in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Among the other extras are 'Voyager Time Capsule; Chakotay' with clips from all seven seasons and much hilarity over Robert Beltran and his antics on set. 'Red Alert! - Amazing Special Effects' will delight fans, giving them an in-depth look at some of the series' special effects, with step by step footage from the studio.

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