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Season 3

RUNNING TIME - 1261 mins

Under the day to day guidance of new producer Fred Freiberger, the Enterprise travels beyond the furthest star into all-new fantastic adventures, pitting WILLIAM SHATNER's Captain James T. Kirk, Mr Spock and Dr Bones McCoy and their colleagues against monstrous aliens of all shapes and sizes. The conclusion of the original series features the captivating characters, plots and special effects that characterise Star Trek at its best. Along with 26 episodes the 7 disc set, STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES: SEASON 3 contains even more especially created features for DVD, with over three hours of new material to entice everyone from new fan to hardened Trekker including one of our favourite character JAMES DOOHAN's (Scotty) final interviews.

The release also includes a bonus disc featuring both the black and white and colour versions of 'The Cage', the original pilot for Star Trek, featuring JEFFREY HUNTER as Captain Christopher Pike, Jim Kirk's predecessor as Captain of the Enterprise, and features a much younger, and more emotional Mr Spock (LEONARD NIMOY - the only actor to appear in every episode of Star Trek in the 1960's).

STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES: SEASON 3 includes the following DVD special features:
Extras not included on the US generic release:

Collectible Trek -This exclusive featurette examines part of the huge world of Star Trek memorabilia and merchandise, highlighting the value and rarity of collectors items, from Spock ears to lunch boxes. This includes interviews with Leonard Nimoy, designers and archive experts.

Other highlights include:
'To Boldly Go....' Season 3 - cast members and production crew recall fond memories and stories of working on the third season including the threat of cancellation and the struggles behind the scenes as the series drew to its close.

Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig - a principal cast member is documented during their most current film and TV projects, charity event, conventions and trips and hobbies. Walter Koenig (Mr Chekov) takes viewers on an exclusive tour of his home, showcasing his valuable collections, including rare Star Trek items and mini-books.

Chief Engineer's Log - Actor James Doohan who played Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (Scotty) discusses his role in the TV series and feature films in this rare new interview, one of the last he gave before his retirement due to ill health in August 2004.

Memoir from Mr Sulu - In a fascinating look back over his life, George Takei discusses his return visit to the interment camp in which his family stayed during World War II amongst many other memories.

Star Trek's Impact - Eugene 'Rod' Roddenberry offers a unique, personal take on the impact of the original Star Trek series and discusses the philosophies of his father, the show's creator Gene Roddenberry.

A Star Trek Collector's Dream Come True - prop and model maker John Long tells how he documented priceless authentic Original Series communicators and phasers, then spent months making perfect recreations.

Red Shirt Logs - An entertaining collection of cast and crew anecdotes reflecting on their time spent working on Star trek. Includes interviews with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (These are Easter Eggs)

The final mission of the original Starship Enterprise is one no science fiction fan can afford to be without. Often imitated but for many, never bettered, this DVD forms the final season of the series that catapulted the TV Sci-Fi genre to stardom.


Certificate: PG (TBC)
Running Time: 1261 mins approx.
Extras not included on the US generic release:
Collectable Trek
Other highlights:
'To Boldly Go....' Season 3
Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig
Chief Engineer's Log
Memoir from Mr Sulu
Star Trek's Impact
A Star Trek Collector's Dream Come True.
Red Shirt Logs

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