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Season 2

RUNNING TIME - 1407 mins

This captivating and stunning continuation of Season 1 relives and expands on the excitement of the characters, plots and special effects. STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES: SEASON 2 brings you yet more special features only available on DVD, and with three hours of exclusive material, you will be left gasping for the next instalment.

Captain James T. Kirk played by WILLIAM SHATNER continues to lead the Starship Enterprise and its crew through a combination of exciting escapades in space. Following the incredible success of Season 1, Season 2 brings us more adventure and an introduction to a host of new characters including the young and quirky Pavel Chekov (WALTER KEONIG), and sees the rise of Dr. McCoy (DEFOREST KELLEY) as a leading part in this classic Sci-Fi adventure.

Highlights of Season 2 include 'Amok Time', where we are introduced to the Vulcan ritual of "pon farr" and Mr. Spock begins to exhibit strange and erratic behaviour before it emerges that he must return to Vulcan and mate with his bride or die. 'Trouble with Tribbles', where the Starship Enterprise is over run by warm, fuzzy, creatures that hide a deadly danger to the federation; and 'Journey to Babel', in which the Enterprise is appointed to transport ambassadors to the Babel conferences, this episode introduces Spock's parents: Ambassador Sarek (MARK LEONARD) and his human wife Amanda (JANE WYATT).

The seven disc STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES: SEASON 2 contains over three hours of extras including the following DVD special features:


Extras not included on the US generic release:

Star Trek Favourite Moments - celebrities, cast, crew and fans recall their favourite moments from The Original Series. This includes cast members from 'Enterprise', 'Voyager', 'Deep Space Nine' and 'The Next Generation', plus production, crew and fans

Other highlights include:

'To Boldly Go....' Season 2 - cast members and production crew recall fond memories and stories of working on the second season

Life Beyond Trek: Leonard Nimoy - a principle cast member is documented during their most current film and TV projects, charity event, conventions and trips. Leonard Nimoy provides viewers with an exclusive look at his photography, and a visit to his lab where he creates a photo of his famous 'V' hand salute

Kirk, Spock, and Bones: Star Trek's Great Trio - explores the relationship between these crew members from the Original Series through the feature films. Interviews with Shatner, Nimoy and other celebrities discover their unique chemistry

Designing the Final Frontier - renowned production designer Matt Jeffries, Robert Justman, John Dwyer and others discuss designing the look of the series

Star Trek's Devine Dive: Nichelle Nichols - a fascinating profile of the actress not only recognised for her ground-breaking role as Lt. Uhura, but also as an accomplished singer who performs her own one-woman musical

Writers Notebook: D.C. Fontana - the famous story editor and Star Trek writer describes her contributions to the series and reveals the struggles of being a female in television during the mid 1960's

Red Shirt Logos - An entertaining collection of cast and crew anecdotes reflecting on their time spent working on Star trek. Includes interviews with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (These are Easter Eggs)

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