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Season 3 DVD Box Set

The must-have gripping alien-teen drama comes to a shattering climax as extraterrestrial visitors Max, Isabel and Michael discover what the future has in store for them!

ROSWELL SEASON 3 continues to chart the lives of the alien inhabitants of Roswell, New Mexico where a trail of devastation and destruction has been left in the aftermath of Tess' shock departure. Tess has taken Max's unborn child back to their home planet and Max is left feeling alone and confused towards Tess and his unborn son, heir to the throne.

Max travels to LA to locate the last remaining shape-shifter on earth who may hold the key to finding his son. He discovers that his shape-shifting former guardian is now a Hollywood producer and he grudgingly helps Max search for his recovered spaceship in the hope that it will hold some clues to their future and survival. When an autistic boy who can't talk miraculously speaks to Max, he befriends the boy in the hope that his own child is using him to communicate. Max tries to heal him with his powers so that he will be led to his son, who he fears is in trouble.

Back in Roswell, Isabel's dream of a normal life finally comes true when she falls in love with Jesse, a young associate in her father's law firm. After a whirlwind romance, Isabel and Jesse get married, despite the concerns of her family. Isabel must also contend with the unexpected and unnerving presence of her former lover Kivar who arrives on earth to try to take her back to their home planet - at any cost! Once the aliens have dealt with Kivar, Isabel then faces being exposed by an old reporter friend of her husband's who begins to suspect that Jesse married an alien!

Meanwhile, Liz begins to suffer ill effects from being healed by Max that fateful day in the Crashdown Cafe and begins to take on some of Max's powers. It soon becomes apparent that being around Max is hurting her and so she must leave Roswell....and Max behind for her own wellbeing.

The aliens lives are becoming more endangered as Max and Isabel's father grows increasingly suspicious of Max and begins to spy on him, tracking his movements and actions in an effort to find out the truth about his son. When Tess comes back to earth with Max's son, the aliens realise they must come clean. Max and Isabel confess their secret to their parents, as they desperately need their help to give the human baby to a loving family to ensure his safety. When they learn the FBI have recruited Jesse to spy on them, they realise the US government is hot on their trail. After Tess's spacecraft collides with a US plane and crashes, the aliens recognise that they are no longer safe in Roswell and make plans to leave after graduation.

Is this the end of life on earth for the alien trio? Will Max and Liz's love transcend their other-worldly divide? Only ROSWELL SEASON 3 on DVD holds the answers!


Language: English, French
Subtitles: English, French
Running Time (Season 3): 810 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16X9FF)
Sound Quality: 5.1 (Commentaries 2.0)

EPISODE DETAILS: Set of 5 discs

Michael, The Guys and the Great Snapple Caper
Significant Others
Secrets and Lies (commentary by Executive Producer/ Director Jonathan Frakes)

To Have and To Hold
Behind The Music (commentary by Executive Producer/ Director Jonathan Frakes)

Samuel Rising
A Tale of Two Parties
I Married An Alien (commentary by Executive Producer/ Writer Ronald D Moore)

Chant Down By Babylon
Who Died and Made You King?

Four Aliens and A Baby
Graduation (commentary by Executive Producer/ Writer Jason Katims)
Special Features:
'Class Of 2002' featurette

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