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Season 2 DVD Box Set

The drama of alien life continues for the teenage inhabitants of Roswell, New Mexico as Max, Isobel, Michael and Tess discover more about their past and destiny in the second season of ROSWELL. At the end of Season 1, we left the teens having discovered they were members of the royal family on their home planet who were sent to earth to save their race. Max was destined to be the leader with Tess his wife-to-be; while Isobel and Michael discovered they are married and have a child. When Liz realised that she and Max can never be together, she was left heartbroken, relying on her best friend Maria to help her through her sorrow.

Nasado, the aliens guardian and shape-shifter, is now posing as an FBI agent to infiltrate the UFO Special Unit and close it down from the inside in order to protect the group from discovery and capture. At the excavation of a site in the desert where fused bones have been discovered, Nasado discovers a piece of strange skin; a piece of thin, translucent, weightless skin that disintegrates at his touch. The skin is alien and his worst fears are realised... The Skins have arrived and the group's days are numbered!

The Skins are fellow aliens, having arrived on earth 50 years earlier to search for the pods. They cannot survive on earth unaided - needing to use 'husks', a shell that protects their bodies. As The Skins close in on the aliens, the group is increasingly put in mortal danger.

Life gets even more complicated with the arrival of another visitor from the future who has been sent to save the aliens from themselves and the world from disaster. The traveller from the future needs Liz to help him save Max, Isobel, Michael and Tess but to do this, she must deny her feelings for Max and dash any hopes she had for their love. She realises that if Max and Tess do not fulfil their destined future to be together because of Max's love for her, the consequences for all will be dire. So she sets about to break Max's heart in order to save him... while breaking her own in the process!

Driven into the arms of Tess by Liz's rejection, Max changes history and fulfils his pre-ordained future to be with her. The aliens then discover they have counterparts living in New York and Max is needed to head a summit of six planets in order to find a way to peace. If Max can forge an agreement of reconciliation in his world, the four royal aliens can finally return home.


Certificate: 12
Language: English, French
Subtitles: English, French
Running Time: 945 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16X9FF)
Sound Quality: 5.1 (Commentaries 2.0)

EPISODE DETAILS: Set of 6 discs

Skin and Bones
Ask Not (including commentary by Exec. Producer Ron Moore)
Summer of '47

The End of the World
Meet the Dupes - Part 1

Max in the City - Part 2
A Roswell Christmas Carol (including commentary by Exec. Producer/ Writer Jason Katims and Director Patrick Norris)
To Serve and Protect

We Are Family
Disturbing Behaviour - Part 1
How The Other Half Lives - Part 2
Viva Las Vegas

Heart of Mine
Cry your Name (including commentary by Exec. Producer Ron Moore)
It's Too Late and It's Too Bad
Baby It's You

Off The Menu
The Departure
Special Features:
Here With Me: The Making of Roswell 2
A Little Something Extra For The Fans
The Art of Composing Roswell
The Shiri and Majenta Show
Storyboard featurette

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