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Season 1 DVD Box Set

For most teenagers, high school is difficult enough - puberty, pimples, parents... but for the students in the sleepy south-western town of Roswell, New Mexico, life just got a whole lot more complicated!

In 1947 something extra-terrestrial crashed into Roswell and 42 years later, hybrid descendants Max Evans (Jason Behr, The Shipping News), Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl, Bride of Chucky) and Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr, Biker Boyz) emerged from their incubation pods looking like six year old human children. They were eventually found roaming the desert and adopted by parents who knew nothing of their inner conflicts or supernatural gifts.

One day when classmate Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby, Swimfan) gets caught in crossfire at the town's Crashdown Cafe, Max rushes to her side and overcome by his lifelong crush on her, heals her with his hands risking exposing the group's alien identities.

The connection that took place in the cafe is strong and the two teenagers see into each other's souls. Liz and Max are a modern day Romeo and Juliet - drawn to each other but unable to be together - they really are world's apart!

Liz can't help but tell her best friend Maria (Majandra Delfino, Traffic) and their childhood buddy - the geeky Alex Whitman (Colin Hanks, Orange County). Thrust into protecting their new friends and questioning everyone's intentions, they must all survive in a town obsessed with finding and experimenting on alien lifeform.

Can they trust the town's Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler, Die Hard 2) or his son, Liz's ex-boyfriend Kyle (Nick Wechsler, Chicks, Man)? Who can lead them closer to finding out who they are and where they have come from? The arrival of a fourth alien, Tess (Emilie de Ravin, Carrie) brings the hope of more answers, but also threatens the foundations of Liz and Max's happiness.

Written and produced by Jason Katims (My So Called Life) and David Butter (Smallville, The X-Files), ROSWELL Season One on DVD is packed with cosmic special features including audio commentary, a making-of and behind the scenes documentaries, actors auditions and a music video.


Language: English
Subtitles: English Hard Of Hearing, Dutch, French, French Text, Greek, Italian, Italian Text
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
Original Aspect Ratio: 16X9FF 1.78
Sound Quality: 5.1

EPISODE DETAILS: Set of 6 discs

Roswell (Pilot)
The Morning After
Leaving Normal

285 South
River Dog
Blood Brother

Heat Wave
The Balance
The Toy House
Into the Woods

The Convention
Blind Date
Independence Day
Sexual Healing

Tess, Lies and Videotape
Max to the Max

The White Room
Destiny (with Commentary)
Special Features:
Area 51: Behind the Scenes
The Making of Roswell
Actor Auditions: Emilie de Raven
Save Yourself: Music Video

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