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Season 4

UK DVD: Universal Playback
UK DVD release date: 30 July 2007
UK certificate: 12
Discs: 6
Episodes: 22
Running time: 17 hours 22 mins

Starring: James Garner, James Luisi, Gretchen Corbett, Luis Delgado, Stuart Margolin, Joe Santos, Robert Loggia, Brion James, Isaac Hayes, Dionne Warwick, Ed Lauter, Tom Atkins, Larry Hagman, Rita Moreno, Harold Sakata

James Garner's square-jawed private investigator, Jim Rockford, is one of TV's most endearing characters from the 1970's. An ex-con pardoned for an armed robbery he didn't commit, Jim usually finds that the cases he takes on turn out to be much more serious than he first thought.

This season starts off with a classic Rockford episode 'Beamer's Last Case' and a literal case of identity theft and, you've guessed it... it's Jim's ID that's been stolen! Jim is set up again in 'The Battle of Canoga Park' when he becomes a prime murder suspect.

Angel gets in trouble again when a he is the only witness to a murder in 'Hotel of Fear' and Jim poses as 'Jimmy Joe Meeker' again in 'Forced Retirement'.

Everything seems to happen to Rockford and the bizarrely titled episode 'Dwarf in a Helium Hat' sees Jim in trouble again just because of a wrong phone number. The final two episodes in the season are a two part story when Jim teams up with young PI Ritchie Brockleman.

This is another great season from THE ROCKFORD FILES one of televisions great detective shows.

Episode List

Beamer's Last Case
Trouble in Chapter
The Battle of Canoga Park
Second Chance
The Dog and Pony Show
Requiem for a Funny Box
Quickie Nirvana
Irving the Explainer
The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls
Hotel of Fear
Forced Retirement
The Queen of Peru
A Deadly Maze
The Attractive Nuisance
The Gang at Don's Drive-In
The Paper Palace
Dwarf in a Helium Hat
South by Southeast
The Competitive Edge
The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
The House on Willis Avenue pt 1
The House on Willis Avenue pt 2

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