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Season 3

UK DVD: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Jason Lee, Jamie Pressly, Ethan Suplee, Nadine Velazquez
UK Certificate: 12
UK DVD Release Date: 20 October 2008

Earl Hickey (Jason Lee; The Incredibles, Dogma), discovers an important fact of life: When you do good things, good things will happen to you, do bad things and they'll come back and bite you in the ass. However, Earl didn't expect by adopting karma into his life it would end him up in the slammer for a two year jail sentence.

When we last saw Earl, he was finally getting his life together. He got himself a job, got an apartment and even a girlfriend. Then his trashy foul-mouthed ex-wife Joy (Jamie Pressly; Charmed, Not Another Teen Movie) was facing a hefty sentence in prison for stealing a truck which Earl ends up taking the wrap.

Earl (now known as inmate number 28301-016) starts his two year prison sentence on the-inside, whilst on the outside Joy tries to repay Earl by looking after Randy (Ethan Suplee; Chasing Amy, Road Trip), who is struggling to adjust without him. Earl looks for ways to pass the time in jail and finds himself in some tricky situations including trying to get a certificate that allows him a month off his sentence.

All he has to do is end the war between two rival gangs at the prison - not as easy as he first thought.

Meanwhile, Randy is missing Earl so much that he looks for ways to join him in prison and eventually finds one... by becoming a prison guard!

Suffering with boredom, Earl decides to take a creative writing course to start writing short stories, but soon finds out that everyone else has a better imagination than him.

The hilarious third season of this Emmy award winning show is made up of 22 episodes and again includes these outstandingly funny characters, such as Earl's loveable, clueless and naive brother Randy and sexy good-spirited hotel cleaner Catalina (Nadine Velazquez; Entourage, War).

How will Earl get through the next two years of his life as a jailbird? Has he finally had payback for all of his crimes and mistakes he had made earlier in his life? Has 'karma' finally hit him back right where it hurts?

With superb all round performances from the whole cast, this show is nothing less than the work of a genius.


Two deleted scenes from the episode 'Franks Girl' No.1 (1:19) No.2 (:10)

One deleted scene from the episode 'Out Other Cops Is On' (:48)

Two deleted scenes from the episode 'I Won't Die Without a Little Help From My Friends' No.1 (:25) No.2 (:13)
Three deleted scenes from the episode 'Stole a Motorcycle' No.1 (:27) No:2 (:25) and No.3 (1:48)
One deleted scene from the episode 'No Heads in a Duffel Bag' (:30)
Three deleted scenes from the episode 'Killerball' No:1 (:11) No.2 (:14) and No.3 (:42)

Three deleted scenes from the episode 'Girl Earl' No:1 (:15) No:2 (:17) and No:3 (1:04)
FEATURETTE -Those Guys From Those Episodes: Creating The Characters (15:00)
FEATURETTE - Under The Shell: The Mr. Turtle Commentary (11:00)
Gag Reel (13:00)

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