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Season 4

UK DVD release date: 13 August 2007
UK DVD: Universal Playback
UK certificate: 15
Fullscreen 4:3
English - Dolby (2.0) Stereo

Stars: Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos, Melanie Griffith, George Takei, Veronica Cartwright, Michael Talbott & Olivia Brown

Hit the streets again with Don Johnson as James "Sonny" Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs, two of the world's slickest undercover cops, in Season 4 of Miami Vice.

Oscar nominated director Michael Mann and Primetime Emmy Award winning producer Dick Wolf bring you all 22 heart-pounding, fashion-forward episodes in this 6 disc set.

This season sees not only sees Sonny getting married, but true to style, the pair continue to hunt down a series of sleazy perps ranging from a drug-dealing serial killer, a corrupt Chilean police chief and a convicted rapist.

Perhaps one of the most significant points in this season are the episodes guest starring Sheena Easton. Her presence and Crocket falling in love really seemed to alter the dynamics of the show. While the episodes are still "Crocket and Tubbs" the fact that Sonny, for a while at least, is tied down does tend to stifle the stories a little. Never the less this is still a landmark 80's series.

Joining the iconic detective duo in Miami's steamy, hot underworld is a powerful roster of guest stars, including some fantastic performances from James Brown, Julia Roberts, and Chris Rock.

So put on your suit jacket, roll up your sleeves, and sit back for some car-chasing, drug-busting action you can't afford to miss!

Episode List:

Contempt of Court
Amen.... Send Money
Death and the Lady
The Big Thaw
Child's Play
God's Work
Missing Hours
Like a Hurricane
The Rising Sun of Death
Love at First Sight
A Rock and a Hard Place
The Cows of October
Vote of Confidence
Baseballs of Death
Indian Wars
Honor Among Thieves?
Hell Hath No Fury
Badge of Dishonor
Blood & Roses
A Bullet for Crockett
Deliver Us from Evil
Mirror Image

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