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Season 4

New characters, surgeon BJ Hennicut and Colonel Sherman T Potter, make their first appearances in this series, while Hawkeye, Hotlips, Radar and Major Frank Burns all come back to make this fourth season of M*A*S*H a celebrated classic, where each character comes into their own with even more side-splitting humour and drama than ever before.

M*A*S*H Season Four opens with Emmy Award winning episode 'Welcome to Korea', introducing surgeon B. J Hunnicutt, a Stanford medical graduate, to the unit. Frank's dream has come true - with the departure of Colonel Blake, he is in charge. However, in 'Change of Command', as Frank settles into his new post, he finds a new Colonel has been appointed over his head! In other episodes, 'The Late Captain Pierce' sees Hawkeye's father being notified of his death, and Hawkeye finds its no easy matter to get word to him or to establish he is alive.

Season four also sees the 4077 unit take care of some children bombed out of their orphanage plus Major Frank making his will - leaving his money to his wife, and all his clothes to Hot Lips! A craving for hard-to-come-by tomato juice by the new Colonel proves to be a problem for Radar, Hawkeye is up on charges of mutiny for various infractions and, in 'The Interview', M*A*S*H personnel are interviewed by a state side television correspondent.

With M*A*S*H being hailed as a golden TV classic, M*A*S*H Season Four on DVD is a must for any DVD collection. With new slim line packaging, the 3-disc set includes on/off laugh options on selected episodes and interactive menus. Relive and enjoy all the hilarious antics of the 4077 Unit Medical Army Surgical Unit at home.


Certificate: PG
Language: English
DVD Subtitles: English SDH and French
DVD Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (full frame)
DVD Sound Quality: English 2.0 Mono
Running time: 620 minutes (25 minutes each episode)

Episode listing
There is an Optional Laugh Track on each disc plus the following episodes:

Disk One:
Welcome to Korea
Change of Command
It Happened One Night
The Late Captain Pierce
Hey, Doc
The Bus
Dear Mildred
The Kids

Disk Two:
Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler (no laugh track available for this episode)
Dear Peggy
Of Moose and Men
Soldier of the Month
The Gun
Mail Call Again
The Price of Tomato Juice
Dear Ma

Disk Three:
Der Tag
Some 38th Parallels
The Novocaine Mutiny
Smilin' jack
The More I See You
The Interview (no laugh track available for this episode)

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