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Season 3
DVD Review by Nigel A. Messenger

UK DVD: Liberation Entertainment
UK DVD Release Date: 3 March 2008

Starring: Jennifer O'Dell, Rachel Blakely, Peter McCauley, David Orth, Will Snow, Lara Cox

Season 3 of THE LOST WORLD picks up where season 2 ended as Challenger's expeditions latest attempt to escape from the plateau sees them arrive on a British air base in 1915. But when they realise things have gone drastically wrong they have to fight to return to the lost world of the plateau.

The underlying theme of the first few episodes of the season has the lost adventurers looking for the lost Malone but as always the show continually throws our heroes into new adventures at every turn.

Another twist in this season seems to be to take the stars of the show out of the usual surroundings of the plateau for some episodes one of which puts Malone into the East End of London in 1888 at the time of Jack The Ripper. As well as the episode I previously mention on the air base in one show Roxton finds himself in the Wild West where he finds the rest of the cast in the guises of a sheriff, a gunslinger, a widow and a saloon owner.

In the episode A WITCH'S CALLING sci-fi fans should look out for Jane Badler as Dame Alice. I remember Jane from the ground breaking television series "V" as the lead alien Diana, as well as her roles in THE HIGHWAYMAN and FALCON CREST and other well know TV shows.

Later in the season in the episode FINN a new permanent member of the cast, Lara Cox, is introduced in the very shapely form of yet another attractive female warrior named... Finn. This episode sees the gang transported in to a post-apocalyptic future in the year 2033.

Towards the end of the series Veronica is made to recall forgotten memories from her childhood that eventually lead to realising that the time has come for her to fulfil her destiny as Protector and either save or destroy the plateau!

While THE LOST WORLD has always been about Challenger and his team encountering amazing situations this season more than any sees the cast transported in various different ways off the plateau and temporarily at least into new locations.

I'm sure this was a concerted effort by the writers to add as much variety as possible to the show to keep the audience interested and give both the writers and actors the scope to expand on their situation. This comes together quite well at the end as different planes of reality collide on the plateau.

Also the introduction of Finn (Lara Cox) is clearly another attempt to keep the show fresh and interesting for the viewers. Whether these ploys work or not is a matter of opinion, but the show has always been about fantastic adventures with, I have to say, a gorgeous female cast and this season does stay with that premise.

Personally I think it's sad that this was the final season of the show as I have really enjoyed reviewing these particular DVD box sets as well as watching the gorgeous Jennifer O'Dell in that skimpy outfit! With the plethora of serious and thought provoking shows and movies out there it's good sometimes to just sit back and watch something that has no pretences and delivers just constant fast moving fantasy adventure and fun and at that THE LOST WORD never fails.

Episode Listing

Out of the Blue
The Travelers
Eye for an Eye
True Spirit
The Knife
Fire in the Sky
Dead Man's Hill
Hollow Victory
A Witch's Calling
Brothers in Arms
Ice Age
The End Game
The Secret
The Imposters
The Elixir
Heart of the Storm

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