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Season 2
DVD Review by Nigel A. Messenger

UK DVD: Liberation Entertainment
UK DVD Release Date: 19 November 2007

Starring: Jennifer O'Dell, Rachel Blakely, Peter McCauley, David Orth, Will Snow & Michael Sinelnikoff

This second season of THE LOST WORLD brings another excellent set of adventures to the screen. The season picks up exactly where the first left off as we see how each of our intrepid explorers survives what seemed to be certain death at the end of season one.

All that is except for one, Professor Summerlee, who gets killed off, although his body is not actually found! I have to admit that Summerlee's character really irritated me in season one and I guess this means I wasn't the only one!

Tribune the reptile man is back for a little while at least and although the idea of this reptilian man might seem rather silly, he is very amusing and definitely played for laughs by Jerome Ehlers.

The season packs in a full twenty-two episodes and if you have never seen the show you really won't believe the amount of non-stop action that's on these DVDs. Once again the story lines are all very light stuff, no one is supposed to take them too seriously and the show plays out for pure entertainment value and hits it's target dead on.

Jennifer O'Dell is breathtaking as the gorgeous and thankfully scantily clad Veronica and Rachel Blakely once again vamps it up as the seductive and mysterious Marguerite. William Snow plays the hero Lord John Roxton admirably and Peter McCauley is perfectly cast as the eccentric Professor Challenger. Not to forget of course David Orth who completes the regular cast as writer Ned Malone who is probably the luckiest of them all as he get to be the love interest for Veronica.

This second season of THE LOST WORLD is probably the best of the three seasons as the shows characters are given more room to develop and as I mentioned earlier the rather irritating Summerlee has been written out.


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Episode List

All or Nothing
Tourist Season
Stone Cold
Divine Right
Skin Deep
London Calling
The Prisoner
The Games
The Source
Voodoo Queen
The Guardians
Under Pressure
The Outlaw
The Quality of Mercy
Mark of the Beast
The Survivors
The Pirate's Curse
The Visitor
A Man of Vision
Into the Fire

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